Zendaya Coleman on Dancing With the Stars Loss: “My Heart Was Broken”
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Zendaya Coleman on Dancing With the Stars Loss: “My Heart Was Broken”

How does it feel to come this close to winning Dancing With the Stars? Season 16 runner-up Zendaya Coleman recently shared how she felt on the night of her loss in her Access Hollywood blog.

"At that moment, I was truly happy for [Kellie and Derek], but my heart was broken," Zendaya wrote of watching her competitor crowned champ. She added, "I had put my heart and soul into this competition, I did not want to come in second place. And for some time, tears flowed and my dad and mom hugged me and told me how proud we were of me. I gathered myself together, did one interview and couldn’t really talk anymore."

However, Zendaya learned the hard way that "fake it 'til you make it" works, explaining that after a few days of interviewing, she got over the pain and embraced the attitude she kept espousing — she really is proud of herself for everything she's learned and all the ways she grew.

So, there you have it: Losing is tough (did anyone think otherwise?), but it's possible to embrace the experience for what it was. We think Zendaya has proved her maturity by keeping her sadness to herself, and taking this disappointment as an opportunity to become even stronger.

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