Zendaya Spills on Relationship With “Big Brother” Val Chmerkovskiy and Returning to DWTS — Exclusive
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Zendaya Spills on Relationship With “Big Brother” Val Chmerkovskiy and Returning to DWTS — Exclusive

Sometimes the term “triple-threat” can be overused on today’s young Hollywood starlets — but it’s pretty on point when it comes to 17-year-old Zendaya. The Disney alum already has a hit show and a scene-stealing stint on Dancing With the Stars under her belt, and now she’s taking the music industry by storm with her chart-topping hit, “Replay.”

The seriously talented little lady is on fire right now, and she’s only going to get bigger. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Zendaya while she was in NYC promoting her new partnership with Carmex for their Moisture Plus line of fashion-inspired lip balms. We got the rising star to dish on everything from her current relationship with DWTS’s Val Chmerkovskiy to the surprising artist she’s dying to collaborate with next.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What made you want to partner up with Carmex for this new lip balm line?

Zendaya: I have been using Carmex for as long as I can remember, so this was a really natural partnership for me... which is always the best kind! Skin care and lip care are really important to me, and I love the new look of the product. There are four different styles so that you can match with your outfit, which is so fun for me.

You were so great on Dancing With the Stars! If ABC decided to have another All-Stars season, would you consider coming back for it?

Well, my first gut reaction is NO — just because it was the hardest thing I have ever done. My second reaction: only if I can dance with Val again!

We all loved your relationship with your DWTS partner, Val Chmerkovskiy. Do you two still keep in touch?

Yes, he is my big brother and we talk all the time. We recently worked together on my pilot for Disney, as he choreographed a scene where my character had to dance an Argentine Tango. While he was in LA, we arranged a big trip to Disneyland because he had never been. There were 15 of us altogether, and we had so much fun! I made him ride the roller coaster two times in a row and he didn't feel too well after that!

Zendaya Spills on Relationship With “Big Brother” Val Chmerkovskiy and Returning to DWTS — Exclusive
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You worked with fellow Disney alum Nick Jonas on your first album. How was that?

Nick produced a song on my album called "Love You Forever," and even though we weren't in the studio together, it was a great experience just to collaborate with him. He is a super talented and a very kind person, and I am looking forward to working with him much more in the future.

Is there someone you’re really hoping to work with for your next album?

There are a lot of people I want to work with...too many to list! I would love to collaborate with Drake and, of course, Beyoncé. There are some amazing producers I would also love to work with.

Which current artist would you like to model your music career after?

Well, Michael Jackson is my number one. I mean, he's the King of Pop… need I say more? I love how he had such passion for his work and was involved in every little thing when it came down to his music. He was such a giving person too. I also love how Beyoncé has done things. She is so good at maintaining her privacy while still being a huge celebrity. And her latest album is just beyond words!

Can you give us any hints about what to expect from your new Disney Channel pilot?

I am so proud of it! You can expect a real family that people can relate to and a main character who, even though she's a spy, is a real girl who I think kids will be able to connect with.

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