Royal Green whisky price in Odisha 2024

Royal Green whisky price in Odisha

Royal green whisky price in Odisha- Royal Green is one of the Newest whisky Brands in India. Launched in the year 2015 by the house of ADS Distilleries, Royal Green has established itself as one of the most popular whisky Brands in India. In this article, we will discuss the Royal Green price in Odisha and know about the factors that affect the price of whisky in Odisha.

Latest Royal Green Whisky Price in Odisha

Royal Green whisky Volume (Bottle Sizes)Royal Green Price in Odisha
Royal Green Deluxe Blended Whisky (180ml)₹230
Royal Green Deluxe Blended Whisky (375ml)₹460
Royal Green Deluxe Blended Whisky (750ml)₹910
Royal Green Deluxe Blended Whisky (750ml) DEF₹530

Royal Green Whisky Review

About Royal Green Whisky

Founded by ADS Distilleries in 2015, Royal Green is India’s Premium whisky Brand. Started by the Maan family, Royal Green has Become one of the most loved whisky Brands in India by Selling 10 million cases in Just six years. Today the Brand has a presence in Over 20 Plus States in India and also started exporting the whiskies overseas.

Made using selected Indian grain spirits and the finest quality malt which gives It a unique taste and aroma. With an Alcohol percentage of 42.8% V/V, Royal Green is available in 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and 1000ml Bottles.

While many other brands are Struggling with their Sales in South India, Royal Green has been Continuously Increasing Their Sales with their Great pricing strategy and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Royal green whisky 750ml price in Odisha?

The Price of Royal Green whisky 750ml in Odisha is ₹910.

Who is the owner of Royal Green whisky Company?

The owner of the Royal Green whisky company is Maan Family.

What is the Alcohol Percentage of Royal Green whisky?

The Alcohol Percentage of Royal Green whisky is 42.8% V/V

Where is Royal Green whisky made?

The Royal Green whisky is Made in Beri which is a town in the Jhajjar district of Haryana.

In Conclusion

Royal Green Has been a popular whisky in the Northern part of India, however recently the Brand has started gaining momentum in other parts of India, including Odisha. We hope this article clears all Your queries about the Latest royal Green price in Odisha. If you have any other questions related to whisky or beer Prices, please feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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