100 Pipers Price in UP [Updated 2024]

100 Pipers Price in UP

100 Pipers Price in UP: Whisky is a Very popular alcoholic beverage in Uttar Pradesh, and It has become a significant part of their social Life. Among the various Brands available in UP, one of the Most Loved whisky Brands is 100 Pipers. It is a whisky brand that is known for its Smooth taste, Easy Availability and Affordable Pricing. In this Article, We will Discuss the Updated 100 Pipers Price in UP and compare its pricing to other Brands in the Market.

Produced by Pernod Ricard, 100 Pipers is one of the oldest whisky brands in the world. The Brand Got its Name from the Song “The hundred Pipers” which was written about the “Battle of Culloden“. The Song Tells the Story of Brave Scottish soldiers and the pipers who led them into battle.

Over the years, 100 Pipers Have Gained a reputation as a premium whisky brand. One of the Main reasons why it appeals to the Indian Consumer is Due to its smooth and Flavourful taste. But it is not just the taste that Makes 100 Pipers Appelong to Indian Consumers. Pernod Ricard Successfully Managed to Price 100 Pipers strategically in the Indian competitive Indian Market. Below Mentioned are the latest 100 Pipers price in UP.

Latest 100 Pipers price in UP

100 Pipers Whisky180ml₹430
100 Pipers Whisky375ml₹800
100 Pipers Whisky750ml₹1400
100 Pipers 12-Year-old Whisky180ml₹805
100 Pipers 12-Year-old Whisky375ml₹1400
100 Pipers 12-Year-old Whisky750ml₹2400

100 Pipers Whisky Review

100 Pipers Varients Available in UP

There are two types of 100 pipers whisky available in Uttar Pradesh which are, 100 Pipers Deluxe Scotch Whisky and 100 Pipers 12-Year-Old. Both, 100 Pipers and 100 Pipers 12-year-old are Produced by Pernod Ricard, A French distillery.

The main difference between the 100 Pipers standard and 100 Pipers 12-year-old is the aging process. The 100 Pipers Standard variant is Aged for Just 3 years while the 100 Pipers 12-year-old whisky is Aged for 12 years. As the result, the 100 Pipers 12-year-old whisky has a Better Taste and Aroma.

However, This also means that the 100 Pipers 12-year-old whisky is more likely to be expensive. The Price of both these variants Depends on various factors like taxes, Availability, and Location. We would suggest You visit Your Nearest local liquor shop to know the exact 100 Pipers Price in UP.

Both variants of 100 pipers whisky are available in Four Different Sizes which are 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and 1000ml. You can purchase any of these 100 Piper Bottle sizes based on your budget and need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the 100 Pipers Whisky Price in UP?

The 100 Pipers whisky Price in UP for 375ml is ₹800 and 750ml for ₹1400.

What percent alcohol is 100 Pipers 12 years?


Who is the owner of 100 Piper?

The Pernod Ricard group

What is the 100 pipers full bottle price?

The 100 Pipers Full Bottle price is ₹3283 for 1000ml

Is 100 Pipers whisky or Scotch?

100 Pipers is a blended Scotch.

What is the 100 pipers 375ml price in UP?

The 100 Pipers 375ml price Price in UP is ₹800.


Whether you’re a whisky Regular Drinker or someone who drinks casually, the 100 Pipers are one of the Best Blended malt whisky for every occasion.

We Hope this Article, Clears all Your queries about the Latest 100 Pipers price in UP. Which is Your favorite 100 Pipers whisky? Please Share with us in the comment Section below.

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