100 Pipers Price in Kolkata [June 2024]

100 Pipers price in Kolkata

100 Pipers Price in Kolkata: Every year, the State Governments in India revise the Price of Liquor within their respective states. Just like other States in India, the West Bengal government has also revised its price list for liquor for the Financial year 2024-24.

To Keep You Informed of the latest Pricing of Your Favourite Whisky in Kolkata, We have prepared a List of Updated 100 Pipers Prices in Kolkata. Keeping up to date with the Pricing Change will help You make Informed Decisions in Your Next Purchase of whisky.

100 Pipers Price in Kolkata

100 Pipers 12 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky₹3510
100 Pipers Blended Scotch (375 ml)₹1195
100 Pipers Blended Scotch (750 ml)₹2390

100 pipers 750ml price in Kolkata

The Price of Whisky in Kolkata is Affected by Various factors Like taxes, Demand, and the Location Where It is Being Sold. However, You can Purchase 750ml of 100 Pipers whisky For ₹2390 in Kolkata.

100 pipers 12 years price in Kolkata

The 100 Pipers 12 years Blended Scotch Whisky is Priced slightly higher than the Standard variant of 100 Pipers. You can purchase the 100 pipers for 12 years in Kolkata for ₹3510.

100 Pipers Blended Scotch whisky Review

About 100 Pipers Whisky

100 Pipers is a Popular blended Scotch whiskey Produced By Pernod Ricard. It was First Introduced by Seagram Distillers in 1965 But later Pernod Ricard acquired the Global Business of Seagram and 100 Pipers become part of Pernod Ricard’s Global Portfolio.

100 Pipers have been a Really popular alcoholic beverage in India. The Brand Got its Name from the song “The Hundred Pipers” which was written about the “Battle of Culloden”. The Song tells the story of Scottish soldiers and the 100 pipers who led them into battle.

Known for its Great quality, Smooth taste, and smoky Flavour, the 100 Pipers whisky is one of the top-selling whiskey in the world. 100 Pipers also won multiple awards including the prestigious Gold Medal at “The Asian Spirits Masters 2014“.

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
ManufacturerPernod Richard
Establishment Year1965

In Conclusion

We Hope this Article Answers all Your queries about 100 Pipers Price in Kolkata. If you’re a whisky enthusiast living in Kolkata, You should Definitely Give this Premium whiskey a Try and Share Your Experience with Us.

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