Vat 69 Price in Kolkata [Updated June 2024]

Vat 69 Price in Kolkata

Vat 69 is one of the Most Loved whiskies around the world. Known for its Sweet, Creamy, and burnt flavor, Vat 69 is made with the Blend of around 40 Malt and grain whiskies. In This Article, We will Discuss the Latest Vat 69 Price in Kolkata and Compare its Pricing to Other Popular Brands in the Market.

Kolkata, the Cultural Capital of India is Known for its amazing People, museums, art galleries, and music. Along with its cultural attractions, This amazing city is also Known for Its Amazing Food and Drinks. The City has some of the Best Restaurants and bars where people can Relax and Enjoy Their Favourite Time.

Among So Many Alcoholic Drinks Served in Every Pubs and Bars in Kolkata, One of the Most Popular Drinks which is Loved by Every whisky Enthusiasts is Vat 69. It is an Affordable and easily accessible drink that is available in almost all cafes, Bars, and Pubs. Below we have mentioned the latest Vat 69 Price in Kolkata to help You Keep Updated.

Latest Vat 69 Price in Kolkata


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Vat 69 Varients Available in Kolkata

There is only one variant of Vat 69 whisky available in Kolkata which is VAT 69 Finest Scotch Whisky. According to the latest liquor price List issued by the Government of West Bengal, there are only Two Different Sizes of Vat 69 Whisky available in Kolkata which is 180ml and 750ml.

While the Bigger bottle of Vat 69 is Perfect For House Parties, Family get together, and events with more People, the Smaller Bottle is a Great deal for someone who drinks occasionally.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the vat 69 price in Kolkata 2024

The Price of Vat 69 in Kolkata is ₹566 for 180ml and ₹2340 for 750ml

What is the Vat 69 750ml price in Kolkata?

The Vat 69 750ml Price in Kolkata is ₹2340

What is the Vat 69 180ml price in Kolkata?

The Vat 69 180ml Price in Kolkata is ₹566

What is Blenders pride 750ml price in Kolkata?

The Blenders Pride 750ml price in Kolkata is ₹750

About Vat 69 Whisky

Produced by Diageo in Scotland, the vat 69 is one of the oldest Blended whisky Brands in the World. It was first made by William Sanderson & Son Limited in the Year 1882. In his Early Life, William Sanderson started working with his father’s Friend Matthew Buchan who was a liquor Manufacturer. This Training helped him to gain valuable blending skills and knowledge about whiskies.

Eventually, In the year 1863, He Started his own liquor manufacturing Business. In the Following Years, the worked on his Skills and also promoted His Business in countries Like Scotland, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. Slowing He Build New premises for his Business on the corner of Charlotte Street.

His Most Popular creation, Vat 69 was made in the year 1882. To Make vat 69, William Sanderson created one Hundred barrels of blended whisky and Hired a team of Experts to taste It. All The Expert Liked the 69th Number cask, thus the Brand Got its Name Vat 69. Over the year, Vat 69 become popular globally and gained some Loyal Consumers.

In Conclusion

The Vat 69 whisky is Easily Available in Kolkata. However, the price of Vat 69 May Vary from one place to another in Kolkata Due to factors Like Avability, Taxes, and Store Location. You can Visit Your Local Liquor Store To Find the Latest Vat 69 Price in Kolkata.

Hope this Article, Answers all Your Queries about the Updated Vat 69 price in Kolkata. If You have any other queries about whiskey or Beer prices, Please Feel Free to Share them with us in the comment Section below.

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