Vat 69 Price in UP [Updated June 2024]

Vat 69 price in UP

Vat 69 is One of the most sold Whiskeys in India, Specially in Uttar Pradesh. If You are a whisky enthusiast from Uttar Pradesh, and Looking for a Vat 69 Price in Up, then You are at the Right Place. In this Article, We will Discuss the Latest Vat 69 Whisky Price in Uttar Pradesh and Learn about the Factors that Affect the price of Whisky in the Indian States.

Founded in the Year 1882 by William Sanderson, Vat 69 is one of the Oldest whisky Brands in the World. To Make this Amazing whiskey, William Sanderson created 100 barrels of blended Whisky and Hired a Group of experts to select the finest one. All the Experts liked the 69th cask, thus the Brand Got its Name Vat 69.

Despite the Presence of Many other popular whiskies Brands in the Market like Blenders pride and 100 Pipers, Vat 69 Has established itself as a top choice among whiskey drinkers in India.

Updated Vat 69 Price in UP


Vat 69 Whisky Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the price of Vat 69 in UP?

The price of Vat 69 in UP is ₹1600 for 750ml, ₹790 for 375ml, and ₹1800 for 1000ml.

What is the vat 69 price for 1 liter in UP?

The Vat 69 1 liter Price in UP is ₹1800

What are the vat 69 prices in Delhi 750ml?

The Vat 69 750ml Price in Delhi is ₹1500.

Does Vat 69 contain alcohol?

Yes, Vat 69 Contains 40% Alcohol.

Is VAT 69 Scotch whisky?

Vat 69 is a Blended Scotch whisky Produced by Diageo

What is the Vat 69 quarter price in up?

The Vat 69 Quater price in UP is ₹410

In Conclusion

The Vat 69 is one of the most popular Whisky Brands in Uttar Pradesh, India. Available in Six Different Sizes, 60ml, 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and 1000ml, Consumers can buy Vat 69 whisky depending on their needs and Budget.

However, the price of Vat 69 Whisky Price in UP can vary from one place to another Due to factors like Taxes, Availability, and Location. We would suggest You visit a local liquor shop to find out the current Rate.

We hope this article answers all of Your queries about the Vat 69 Price in UP. If you have any other questions Related to Vat 69 whisky, Please Feel free to Share them with Us in the Comment Section Below and We will Try our Best to answer Your Questionings.

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