Kingfisher beer Price in India [Updated 2024]

Kingfisher beer Price

Are you Search For the Latest Kingfisher beer price in India? If yes, then We Got You Cover. In this Blogpost, We have Shared the Updated Kingfisher Beer Prices from Different Indian States. We will also Find out in which Indian States, You will Buy Kingfisher Beer for Cheap prices.

Kingfisher is a Popular Indian beer Brand Started by Vijay Mallya in 1978. Brewed by United Breweries Group, Kingfisher is available in 50+ countries worldwide. This Iconic Indian beer Brand Comes in Different Varieties Including Kingfisher Premium, Kingfisher Strong, Kingfisher Draught, Kingfisher Ultra, Kingfisher Blue, and Many More.

Kingfisher Beer Has a light and refreshing taste which is Loved by Beer enthusiasts all around the world. With 8% ABV, It is one of the Strong Beer You can Purchase in the Indian Market, but its Aroma, Flavour, and Pricing make it an Excellent Choice for every Party, Club, and Get Together.

Despite its popularity, Kingfisher Beer also faced a lot of criticism when its founder Vijay Mallya was accused of fraud and money laundering. However, Due to its Easy accessibility, Affordable Pricing, and Great Taste, Kingfisher Still Manages to stand out amongst other Beer Brands available in India.

Updated Kingfisher Beer Price in India

Kingfisher Fine Lager Beer330ml₹70
Kingfisher Fine Lager Beer500ml₹105
Kingfisher Fine Strong Beer330ml₹130
Kingfisher Fine Strong Beer500ml₹70
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager Beer 330ml₹90
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager Beer 500ml₹130
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier Beer330ml₹95
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier Beer500ml₹160
Kingfisher Strong Platinum Beer330ml₹70
Kingfisher Strong Platinum Beer500ml₹85
Kingfisher Blue330ml₹75
Kingfisher Blue650ml₹120

Kingfisher Beer price in Delhi

Kingfisher Fine Lager Beer330ml₹70
Kingfisher Fine Lager Beer550ml₹105
Kingfisher Fine Strong Beer330ml₹70
Kingfisher Fine Strong Beer550ml₹105
Kingfisher Strong Platinum Beer330ml₹70
Kingfisher Strong Platinum Beer550ml₹85
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager Beer330ml₹90
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager Beer550ml₹130

Kingfisher Beer price in Goa

Kingfisher Blue Premium Beer330ml₹60
Kingfisher Blue Premium Beer650ml₹120
Kingfisher Blue Premium Beer (Can)500ml₹100
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer (Can)500ml₹100
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer650ml₹150
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer350ml₹80
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer (Can)500ml₹120

Kingfisher Beer price in Rajasthan

Name VolumePrice
King Fisher Strong Premium Beer330ml₹145
King Fisher Strong Premium Beer650ml₹80
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer330ml₹130
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer650ml₹75
Kingfisher Storm Super Strong Beer650ml₹180
Kingfisher Storm Super Strong Beer500ml (24 Can)₹150
Kingfisher Ultra Premium Lager Beer650ml₹200
Kingfisher Ultra Premium Lager Beer330ml₹110
Kingfishersuper Strong Premium Beer Can500ml₹120

Kingfisher Beer price in Kolkata

Kingfisher Blue Extra Premium Beer330ml₹61
Kingfisher Blue Extra Premium Beer650ml₹101
Kingfisher Blue Extra Premium Beer650ml₹110
Kingfisher Blue Premium Beer330ml₹50
Kingfisher Blue Premium Beer500ml₹80
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer330ml₹60
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer500ml₹75
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer650ml₹100
Kingfisher Strong Premium Beer330ml₹55

Kingfisher Beer Price in Hyderabad

King Fisher Strong Premium Beer330ml₹80
King Fisher Strong Premium Beer650ml₹140
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer650ml₹135
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer330ml₹80
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer Can500ml₹115
Kingfisher Storm Super Strong Beer650ml₹180
Kingfisher Storm Super Strong Beer500ml₹115
Kingfisher Ultra Max Super Premium Strong Beer650ml₹235
Kingfisher Ultra Max Super Premium Strong Beer500ml₹190

Kingfisher Beer Price in Kerala

Kingfisher Deluxe Lager Beer330ml₹80
Kingfisher Deluxe Lager Beer650ml₹100
Kingfisher Deluxe Lager Beer500ml₹110
Kingfisher Deluxe Strong Beer330ml₹80
Kingfisher Deluxe Strong Beer500ml₹100
Kingfisher Deluxe Strong Beer650ml₹110
Kingfisher Extra Special Strong Beer330ml₹80
Kingfisher Extra Special Strong Beer650ml₹120
Kingfisher Extra Special Strong Beer500ml₹110

Kingfisher Beer price in Bangalore

Kingfisher BLUE Premium Beer330ml₹60
Kingfisher BLUE Premium Beer650ml₹120
Kingfisher BLUE Premium Beer500ml₹100
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer330ml₹95
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer500ml₹100
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer650ml₹140
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer330ml₹110
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer650ml₹170
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer500ml₹130

Kingfisher Beer Ingredients

The Ingredients used to make this popular Beer are Water, Malt, Hops, wheat, maize, rice, and Sugar cane. The process of making Kingfisher Beer involves several steps which include Mashing, Lautering, Fermentation, Maturation, and at last Packaging.

Kingfisher Beer Ingredients

The Process of Kingfisher Beer Making Starts With mashing, Followed by Lautering and other Steps. During the mashing step, malted grains are combined with hot water to create a mixture. The Second Step Lautering is the process of separating the liquid from the spent grain.

The Third Step is Boiling which is done with hops to pass on flavor and aroma and then cooled before adding yeast for fermentation. After fermentation, the beer is evolved to develop its flavor and then purified before packing for the Market. All the ingredients used in Kingfisher Beer are carefully selected and as a result, Kingfisher Beer gets its rich Flavours and Aroma.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the qualities of Kingfisher beer?

Some of the Top qualities of kingfisher Beer are it has a Crisp and Refreshing Taste with Mild Bitterness and Golden Color.

How long does Kingfisher beer last?

A Kingfisher Beer can last up to 6-9 months.

What is the price of Kingfisher 330 mL?

The price of Kingfisher 330ml is Between 70 to ₹130 based on the Varients.

What is the kingfisher beer 500ml price in India?

The kingfisher 500ml Bottle price in India is ₹160

What is the price of Kingfisher beer strong in Delhi?

The price of Kingfisher Beer Strong in Delhi is ₹105

What is the kingfisher ultra beer price in Delhi?

The kingfisher ultra beer price in Delhi is ₹130 for 550ml and ₹90 for 330ml.

What is the kingfisher beer price in Bangalore?

The Kingfisher Beer price in banaglore is ₹100 for 550ml, ₹140 for 650ml and ₹95 for 330ml Bottle.

What is the Kingfisher Beer 500ml Price in up?

The Kingfisher Beer 500ml Price in UP is ₹110

What is the Kingfisher Beer Price In Odisha?

The Kingfisher Beer price in Odisha is ₹110 for a 500ml Can and ₹150 for 650ml.

In Conclusion

Kingfisher Beer is one of the Most Affordable Beers you can purchase in India. Anyone who is looking for Beer that is affordable and widely available in India may consider Kingfisher Beer.

However, Due to State Taxes, Availability, and Location the price of Beer varies from one State to Another. We Recommend You Visit Your nearby Alcohol Shop to find out the Latest kingfisher Beer price in Your Locality.

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