Ballantine whisky Price in India 2024: Get Your Bottles Before They’re Gone!

Ballantine whisky Price

Ballantine is one of the Well Known Whisky Brands in India. First Introduced in the year 1827, it is currently produced by Pernod Ricard in Scotland. If You also Appreciate the taste of this amazing whiskey and want to know the Latest Ballantine whisky Price Then keep reading.

Started by the Son of Farmer George Ballantine in 1827, Ballantine Has grown to become one of the most well-known and reputable whisky brands in the world. Over the years, Ballantine has won Multiple Awards and also become the world highest Highest-selling Scotch whisky in 2021.

Despite facing some Stiff competition from Popular Brands like Blenders Pride, Ballantine Has managed to gain a Loyal Fan Following in India. Its unique taste and Easy Availability have helped it stand out in a crowded market.

Updated Ballantine whisky Price

Name Volume Price
Ballantine’s Signature Reserve 750ml ₹1300
Ballantine’s Finest Blended whisky 750ml ₹2250
Ballantine’s Finest Blended whisky 375ml ₹1200
Ballantine’s 12-year-old Blended whisky 750ml ₹3600
Ballantine’s 30-year-old Blended whisky 700ml ₹36375

Types of Ballantine Whisky Available

There are Six Different Varieties of Ballantine whisky Available in India. Crafted with a blend of 50 single malts and Four different Grains. Mentioned Below are All the Ballantine whiskies Available in India.

  • Ballantine’s Limited blended whisky
  • Ballantine’s Finest Blended whisky
  • Ballantine’s Glenburgie 30-Year-Old
  • Ballantine’s Glenburgie 12-Year-Old
  • Ballantine’s Glenburgie 17-Year-Old
  • Ballantine’s Glenburgie 21-Year-Old

Each of These whiskies Has its extensive taste and Aroma. For Instance, If You Love Whisky with Flavours of Honey and hints of oak, Then You can Try Ballantine’s 17-year-old.

Whereas If you are someone who enjoys whiskies with more Creamy and fruity sweet orange flavors, You can Purchase Ballantine’s Glenburgie 15-Year-Old Scotch Whisky. Other variants, such as Ballantine’s 12-Year-Old, have a more complex taste profile, with hints of smoke, spice, and dried fruit.

Ballantine’s in the Global Market

Ballantine’s in the Global Market

Ballantine’s whisky is not just a favorite in India; its global presence is undeniable. With its rich history, consistent quality, and diverse flavor profiles, it has managed to capture the hearts of whisky enthusiasts worldwide.

Number One in Europe

Ballantine’s scotch whisky has achieved the remarkable feat of being the number-one brand in Europe. This is a testament to its exceptional quality and the brand’s ability to resonate with European consumers. Its global position is also noteworthy, holding the second spot in worldwide sales, showcasing its widespread appeal.

A Historical Stronghold

Historically, Ballantine’s has held a strong position, especially in the southern parts of Europe. Its consistent quality and flavor profile have made it a favorite across continents. The brand’s dedication to maintaining its rich legacy while adapting to modern tastes has ensured its continued success.

Global Pricing Insights

While the price of Ballantine’s whisky in India is influenced by various factors like government duties and transportation costs, its pricing worldwide is also subject to regional taxes, import duties, and market demand. Here are some insights into its global pricing:

  • In the Netherlands, a vintage Ballantine 30-year-old from the 1980s is auctioned at a price range of $107.71 to $153.88 for a 750ml bottle.

  • In the USA, Ballantine’s has a dedicated consumer base, and the pricing varies based on the variant and state regulations. 

It’s evident that Ballantine’s whisky, with its rich heritage and consistent quality, has carved a niche for itself in the global market. Its competitive pricing, coupled with its exceptional taste, makes it a preferred choice for many.

What Determines the Price of the Whisky?

What Determines the Price of the Whisky

1. Production Costs

  • Raw Materials: The cost of the primary ingredients – malted barley, water, and yeast – can vary based on quality, source, and availability.
  • Distillation: The distillation process, especially if done in traditional pot stills, can be energy-intensive and costly.
  • Aging: Whiskies that are aged for longer periods require storage and result in evaporation losses, known as the “angel’s share”. This loss is a cost to the producer.
  • Packaging: High-quality packaging, especially for premium brands, can add to the cost.

2. Brand and Rarity

  • Brand Reputation: Established brands with a history and reputation can command higher prices.
  • Limited Editions: Whiskies that are released as limited editions or special batches tend to be priced higher due to their rarity.
  • Awards and Recognition: Whiskies that have won awards or received critical acclaim can often command higher prices.

3. Taxes and Regulations

  • Excise Duties: Many countries impose significant excise duties on alcoholic beverages, which can substantially increase the retail price.
  • Import/Export Tariffs: For imported whiskies, tariffs can add to the cost.
  • Regulations: Some regions have stringent regulations regarding what can be labeled as whisky, which can influence production methods and costs.

4. Distribution and Marketing

  • Distribution Channels: The use of intermediaries or exclusive distribution channels can add to the cost.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Brands that invest heavily in marketing and advertising will often factor these costs into the product price.

5. External Market Factors

  • Demand and Supply: Basic economic principles; if a particular whisky becomes popular and the demand outstrips supply, prices can rise.
  • Consumer Preferences: In regions where consumers have a preference for aged whiskies or specific brands, prices can be higher.
  • Economic Conditions: In booming economies, consumers might be willing to spend more on luxury goods, including premium whiskies.

6. Other Factors

  • Terroir: Just as with wine, the geographical origin of the whisky can influence its price, especially if it comes from a region renowned for its whisky.
  • Innovation: Unique production methods, innovative aging processes, or special ingredients can add to the cost.
  • Currency Fluctuations: For imported whiskies, currency strength can influence the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Ballantine a good whisky?

Yes, Ballantine is one of the Best whiskies, Loved by many whisky enthusiasts.

What is the Ballantine whisky price in Delhi?

The price of Ballantine 12-year-old Blended whiskey in India is ₹3600 For 750ml

What is the Ballantine whisky alcohol percentage?


What are some of the different variants of Ballantine’s whisky?

Ballantine’s offers various range of whiskies which includes Ballantine’s Finest, 12-Year-Old, 17-Year-Old, 21-Year-Old, 30-Year-Old Old, and Ballantine’s Limited.

What is the Ballantine whisky price in Hyderabad?

The price of Ballantine Whisky in Hyderabad is ₹4670 for 750ml.

The Bottom Line

Ballantine commitment to Its Quality has helped it to establish itself among the top whisky brands in India. In 2024, as we see the prices fluctuating across different states in India, it might be a wise move to grab your favorite bottle before it’s gone.

Whether you’re a connoisseur or someone who enjoys a casual drink, this brand has something to offer for everyone. And remember, a good bottle of whisky is like an investment; it only gets better with time.

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