Vat 69 Price in Delhi [Updated 2024]

Vat 69 price in Delhi

Are You a whisky enthusiast from Delhi and Looking for a Vat 69 Price in Delhi? If Yes, Then You are at the Right Place. In this Article, We have Shared the Updated Vat 69 Blended whisky Price and Compared It with Its Competitors.

Every Year the Government of India revises the price of liquor to generate Revenue & Regulate the price. The price of whisky in India is Affected by Several factors such as production cost, Transportation, and Distribution. This is why it is important for consumers to stay updated with the Revised whisky Prices.

Vat 69 is a Popular Blended whisky from Scotland. It Has a unique Smooth and smoky Taste which is enjoyed by every whisky enthusiast, especially in Delhi. The whisky is very popular among whisky lovers in Delhi due to its Affordable Pricing, Easy Availability, and Great Taste. Below Mentioned are the Updated Vat 69 Price in Delhi.

Vat 69 Price in Delhi [Updated 2024]


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Vat 69 Bottle Sizes Available in Delhi

Vat 69 Blended whisky is Available in Six Different Bottle Sizes that can cater to the demands of every whisky enthusiast. These sizes include 60ml, 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and 1000ml, Allowing consumers to Purchase Bottle Based on Their Budget and requirement.

While the Smaller bottles are the perfect option for those who drink occasionally, The larger bottles are Good for Parties and getting together with Friends and Family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the price of VAT 69 Whisky in Delhi?

The Vat 69 whisky Price in Delhi is ₹1500 for 750ml and ₹1750 for 1000ml.

What is the Vat 69 price in UP?

The Vat 69 Price in UP is ₹1600 for 750ml and ₹790 for 375ml Bottles.

What is the Vat 69 price in Mumbai 750ml?

The Vat 69 Price in Mumbai 750ml is ₹1620

Which company owns Vat 69?

Vat 69 is Owned by Diageo

About Vat 69 Whisky

Founded in the Year 1882, Vat 69 is a Blended whisky produced by Diageo in Scotland. Initially Created by William Sanderson & Son Limited, It is one of the oldest whisky Brands in the world. At His Early Age, William Sanderson Started working with a liquor Manufacturer Matthew Buchan. This Helped him gain valuable knowledge about liquor.

To Create vat 69, William Sanderson made one Hundred barrels of blended whisky and Hired a team of Experts to taste It. All The Expert Liked the 69th Number cask, thus the Brand Got its Name Vat 69.

Today Vat 69 is Available in Four different types which include VAT 69 Finest Scotch Whisky, VAT 69 Reserve de Luxe Scotch Whisky, Glenesk Single Malt Highland Scotch 12 Years Old, and The Antiquary de Luxe Old Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old. All of These Drinks Has Their own taste and Characteristics which disguise them from other brands in the Market.

In Conclusion

The Price of Vat 69 whisky May Vary from one Place to Another in Delhi Due to factors like Demand, Availability, and Import taxes. We Recommend You t Visit Your Nearest Local Liquor Dealer to find the Latest Vat 69 Price in Delhi.

We Hope this Article Answers all Your queries about the updated Vat 69 Price in Delhi. If you have any further questions or comments related to Vat 69, please feel free to reach out to us.

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