Royal stag price in Punjab (Updated 2024)

Royal stag price in Punjab

Royal Stag price in Punjab: Royal Stag is a Well-known whisky Brand Manufactured by Pernod Ricard. Established in the year 1995, It is has been a favorite Alcoholic beverage among whisky lovers for More Then decades.

Initially, Royal Stag was a product of Seagram. But in the year 2000, Seagram’s Global Business was Acquired by Pernod Ricard and Diageo. Both companies Later split Seagram’s business and Pernod Ricard Got the Ownership of Royal Stag whisky.

Royal Stag is the leading Product in Pernod Ricard’s Global Portfolio. With 16.1 million cases in 2014, the Sale of Royal Stag is Growing by 25% of Annual growth.

Known for its Well balanced Smooth and Woody Taste, Royal Stag can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, and in cocktails. Here We have listed the Royal stag price in Punjab for 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml.

Royal Stag Price in Punjab

Name + VolumePrice
Royal Stag Whisky 180ml₹100
Royal Stag Whisky 375ml₹190
Royal Stag Whisky 750ml₹360
0Royal Stag Barrel Select Whisky 180ml₹120
Royal Stag Barrel Select Whisky 375ml₹220
Royal Stag Barrel Select Whisky 750ml₹420

Royal Stag whisky Review

Royal stag 750ml price in Punjab

The Royal stag 750ml price in Punjab Relies on various Aspects like State Taxes, Bottle Size, and location where it is being sold. However, You can Purchase the Royal stag 750ml for ₹360 in Punjab.

Royal Stag Variants Available

The Royal Stag whisky is Available in Two Different Variants. Both These Variants have Their Unique Flavours and DIfferent Production Method. Below Mentioned are the Variants of Royal Stag whisky-

Royal Stag Deluxe: The Royal Stag Delux is the Standard Variant of the Royal Stag. Made with the Blend of Indian Grains and imported Scotch malts, The Royal Stag Delux Has an Alcohol Percentage of 40%.

Royal Stag Barrel Select: The Royal Royal Stag Barrel Select is the Premium Variant of Royal Stag. Priced a Little Higher Than the Delux Variant, The Barrel Select is a Blend of Scotch Malt & Indian Gains.

It Has a Golden Amber color which has come from Maturing It in hand-picked oak barrels. With the Woody, Fruity, and Smokey Flavour, Royal Stag Barrel Select is Appreciated by Every Whisky Enthusiasts in India.

About Royal Stag

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
ManufacturerPernod Richard
Establishment Year1995

In Conclusion

Royal Stag is a popular Whisky in the Northern Part of India, especially in Punjab. However, Due to Aspects like State Taxes, Bottle Size and Location Where It is being Sold the price of Royal Stag whisky may vary.

We Hope this Article Answers all Your queries about Royal Stag Prices. If You have any other queries related to royal Stag Price in Punjab, Please Feel Free to Share Them with us in the comment Section Below.

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