Antiquity Blue price in Punjab [Updated 2024]

Antiquity Blue Price in Punjab

Antiquity Blue price in Punjab: Antiquity is a Premium Indian whisky that is very popular in Punjab. It was first founded by Shaw Wallace in 1992 currently the whisky is manufactured by United Spirits Ltd a Diageo Group subsidiary.

In this article, we will find out the Latest Antiquity Price in Punjab and also learn about the other variants of Antiquity Available in the Indian Market.

In the year 2005, Antiquity Brand was Acquired by United Spirits Ltd. After the Acquisition, United Spirits hired Designers from London to Revamp the packaging of Bottles. This was mainly done to Preserve the Legacy of Shaw Wallace by Keeping His name on the Bottles of Antiquity Whiskies.

Antiquity blue is popular in India due to its Great taste, unique flavor profile, affordable pricing, and Creative marketing strategy. The Brand has positioned Itself as a premium whisky Brand that is also Affordable and Easily Accessible. Let us find out the Updated Antiquity blue price in Punjab.

Updated Antiquity blue price in Punjab


Antiquity Blue 750ml Price in Punjab

The cost of a 750ml bottle of Antiquity Blue in Punjab may vary Depending upon the location where It is sold. However, You can get a 750ml Antiquity Blue in Punjab for Approx ₹740 to ₹800. It is recommended to check your Local Stores to know the exact Pricing and Get the Best Deals.

Some Local liquor shops in Punjab offer Discounts in Low Demand Seasons. By visiting the local outlets, you will be able to grab those discounts Easily. Similarly, If You are Looking for the Best Bars and Beers in Chandigarh, We suggest You read this Article 7 Best Beers in Chandigarh You Must Try.

Alcohol Percentage in Antiquity Blue Whiskey

The Alcohol Percentage or ABV in Antiquity Blue whisky is Around 42.8% ABV which is a Standard Alcohol percentage for most whiskies in the Market. However, It’s important for You to Drink responsibly and in temperance to avoid any Bad effects on Your Body or health.

Antiquity whisky variants Available

Antiquity whisky is available in two different variants to suit the tastes and preferences of different people. Both the variants of Antiquity whisky has their own distinct taste and characteristics. Below mentioned are the Variants of antiquity whisky.

Antiquity Blue: Antiquity blue is the Standard variant of the Brand. Made with the finest Indian malts and Scotch, Antiquity Blue has flavors of pepper, lemon, and dry smoke. People around the world enjoy this whisky for its Great taste, Affordable pricing, and Quality.

Antiquity Rare: The Antiquity Rare is the Premium Variant of the Brand. Made with a blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts, Antiquity Rare has smooth flavors with a delicate aroma and woody taste. I am Sure You will love this Whisky If you enjoy Smooth Flavours which are Not very too Harsh.

About Antiquity Whisky

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
ManufacturerUnited Spirits Ltd
Establishment Year1992

In Conclusion

Antiquity Blue is Premium whisky that is widely popular in North-west Indian States, especially in Punjab. However, due to factors like State taxes, Location, and Demand for whisky, You may find a difference in Pricing at Your Location.

We hope this article answers all of Your queries about the updated Antiquity blue price in Punjab. If You have any other queries related to Antiquity Blue, Please Feel free to Share them with us in the comment Section Below and We will get back to You soon.

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