Antiquity blue price in Chennai 2024

Antiquity Blue Price in Chennai

Antiquity is a Popular Indian Whisky Brand manufactured by United Spirits Ltd, a Diageo Group subsidiary. It was first launched in the Year 1992 by Shaw Wallace and Since then Antiquity has become a popular choice among whisky enthusiasts in India. In this Article, We will Discuss the Latest Antiquity blue price in Chennai and Also Learn about its Varients Available.

Made with the Blend of Indian and Scotch Malt whisky with Grains, Antiquity whisky has a rich and smooth flavor. Antiquity has also won several awards including Silver Best in Class in 2012 by International Wine and Spirit Competition and India’s 5 cheapest whiskeys GQ Magzine.

The pricing of Antiquity whisky varies depending on the region where it is sold. It is important for consumers to Stay Updated with the Latest Pricing of Antiquity whisky to get a Better Deal on Their Next Purchase. Below Mentioned are the Updated Antiquity blue price in Chennai.

Antiquity blue price in Chennai

Brand + VolumePrice
Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium Whisky 180ml₹260
Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium Whisky 375ml₹560
Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium Whisky 750ml₹1120

Antiquity blue 750ml price in Chennai

The price of Antiquity Blue 750ml bottle in Chennai, India is around ₹1120 to ₹1500 Based on Your Location. However, It is important to note that prices may vary depending on various factors such as State Government taxes, local distribution costs, and promotions.

Antiquity Whisky Review

Alcohol Percentage in Antiquity Whiskey

Knowing the alcohol percentage or alcohol by volume (ABV) of whisky is very important. It helps you understand the strength of the drink. Whisky is a Higher ABV indicates a stronger drink that should be consumed within the Limitation. The Alcohol Percentage of Antiquity whisky is 42.8%

Antiquity whisky variants Available

The Antiquity is a Premium Whisky Brand that is Available in Two Different Varients and Expressions. Each of these variants is known for Its unique taste and characteristics. Below mentioned are the variants of antiquity whisky available in India.

  • Antiquity Blue: Antiquity Blue is the most popular variant of this Brand. With the taste of pepper, lemon, and dry smoke, which is a result of the careful blending of Indian and Scotch whiskies. Overall, Antiquity Blue is a well-balanced whisky that can appeal to a wide range of whisky enthusiasts.
  • Antiquity Rare: The Antiquity Rare is the Premium Variant of the Brand. It has a rich and complex flavor, with notes of oak, vanilla, and spices. Known for its Great taste, Antiquity whisky is made with the finest malted barley and grains sourced from Cameronbridge.

About Antiquity Whisky

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
ManufacturerUnited Spirits Ltd
Establishment Year1992

In Conclusion

Antiquity Blue whiskey has become really popular in Chennai. However, its price has fluctuated due to various factors like Location, taxes, and variants. Despite these Price fluctuations, It is one of the Favorite Whisky of Chennai People.

We hope this article answers all Your queries related to Antiquity Blue price in Chennai. If You have any other queries related to Antiquity whisky, Please Feel free to Share them with us in the comment Section Below.

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