Old Monk Price in Bangalore [June 2024]

Old Monk price in Bangalore

Old Monk price in Bangalore: Old Monk is an Iconic Indian Dark Rum Produced by Mohan Meakin in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Known for Its Unique Strong Taste, Old Monk Rum Has a 42.8% of ABV. Made by Traditional methods, Old Monk Rum evolved in oak casks for a minimum of 7 years.

Old Monk’s Affordable Pricing Has been one of the Major factors that Have contributed to its popularity in India. The combination of Affordable pricing and quality has made it a favorite among Rum enthusiasts in India. Below mentioned are the Latest Old Monk Rum price in Bangalore.

Old Monk Price in Bangalore (Karnataka)

Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum750ml₹821
Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum180ml₹198
Old Monk Lemon Rum750ml₹1236
Old Monk Lemon Rum180ml₹297
Old Monk White Rum750ml₹1236
Old Monk White Rum180ml₹297
Old Monk Orange Rum750ml₹1236
Old Monk Orange Rum180ml₹298
Old Monk Very Old Vatted Special XXX1000ml₹757
Old Monk Very Old Vatted Special XXX750ml₹568
Old Monk Very Old Vatted Special XXX375ml₹284
Old Monk Old Monk Very Old Vatted Special XXX Aseptic Brick Pack180ml₹106
Old Monk Old Monk Very Old Vatted Special XXX Aseptic Brick Pack90ml₹54
Old Monk APPLE Rum750ml₹1236
Old Monk APPLE Rum180ml₹298

Old Monk Varieties Available in Bangalore

The Old Monk Rum is Available in Five Different variants. All of These Varients Have their own Taste and Aroma which Makes them unique. From spiced rum to vanilla-flavored rum, Old Monk has a range of options for rum lovers. Below mentioned are Varients of Old Monk Rum Available in India.

  • Old Monk extra special XXX rare Rum
  • Old Monk Supreme Rum
  • Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum
  • Old Monk White Rum
  • Old Monk Deluxe XXX Rum

About Old Monk Rum

Started by a Scottish Entrepreneur in the Year 1855, Initially, he Made cheap beer for British people. Over the years, the owner of the Brand was changed, and currently owned by Mohan Meakin Pvt. Ltd.

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
ManufacturerMohan Meakin
Establishment Year1855

The Price of Old Monk Rum May Depends on Various Factors Like Local Taxes, Bottle Size, and the location where it is being sold. It will be good to check with Your Local Liquor Dealer to find the Most Accurate Price of Old Monk Rum in Bangalore.

We Hope this Article, Answers all Your queries about Old Monk Price in Bangalore. If You have any other queries about Rum or whisky, Please Feel free to Share them with us in the comment Section below.

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