Magic moments vodka price in Delhi 2024

Magic moments vodka price in Delhi

Magic moments vodka price in Delhi: Magic Moments is a Premium vodka brand manufactured by Radico Khaitan Ltd. The Radico Khaitan is an Indian alcoholic beverages Manufacturer based out of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh.

Launched in the year 2006, Magic Moments has got immense popularity among Vodka Lovers not just in India, But around the world. With over 50% Vodka market share in India, the Brand has grown exceptionally to become the undisputed Leader in the Industry.

Made with the finest quality grains which are processed carefully to ensure a smooth blend. The Brand has also collaborated with some of the top Bollywood actors Like Kartika Aryan and Jacqueline Fernandez to Attract the Young Indian Audience. Below Mentioned are the Latest Magic moments vodka price in Delhi.

Magic moments vodka price in Delhi

Magic Moments VariantsVolumePrice
M2 Magic Moments Verve Green Apple180195
M2 Magic Moments Verve Green Apple375390
M2 Magic Moments Verve Green Apple750780
Magic Moments Verve Lemon Lush180195
Magic Moments Verve Lemon Lush375390
Magic Moments Verve Lemon Lush750780
M2 Magic Moments Verve Superior Grain Vodka180190
M2 Magic Moments Verve Superior Grain Vodka375380
M2 Magic Moments Verve Superior Grain Vodka750780
M2 Magic Moments Dazzle Special Edition Premium Grain Vodka7501020
Remix Chocolate Flavoured Vodka180ml145
Remix Chocolate Flavoured Vodka375ml290
Remix Chocolate Flavoured Vodka750ml580
Remix Flavoured Vodka Grapefruit and Watermelon375ml290
Remix Flavoured Vodka Grapefruit and Watermelon750ml580
Remix Lemongrass & Ginger Flavoured Vodka180ml145
Remix Lemongrass & Ginger Flavoured Vodka375ml290
Remix Lemongrass & Ginger Flavoured Vodka750ml580
Remix Orange Flavoured Vodka180ml145
Remix Orange Flavoured Vodka375ml290
Remix Orange Flavoured Vodka750ml580
Remix Raspberry Premium Flavoured Vodka180ml145
Remix Raspberry Premium Flavoured Vodka375ml290
Remix Raspberry Premium Flavoured Vodka750ml580
Premium Grain Vodka180ml135
Premium Grain Vodka375ml265
Premium Grain Vodka750ml530

Magic Moments Vodka 750ml Price in Delhi

The Price of Magic Moments Varies Due to Factors Like taxes, Store Location, and Bottle Size. Generally, a 750ml bottle of Magic Moments Vodka cost around Rs. 500 to Rs. 600 in Delhi, while a 375ml bottle costs around Rs. 250 to Rs. 280.

Magic Moments Vodka Varients

The Magic Moments vodka is available in Eight Different Flavours. Each of These Flavours of Moments Magic has its unique taste profiles. Below mentioned are the Flavours of Moments Magic.

Green Apple: Made with the Blend of sour and sweet apples, The Moments Magic Green apple Flavour has a crispy and Smooth taste. The refreshing mellow flavors Make it a perfect Vodka Choice for Your Cocktails.

Remix Orange: Magic Moments Remix Orange is the perfect blend of zesty orange which is perfect for making a cocktail with sweet and fruity notes.

Grapefruit and Watermelon: The Grapefruit and Watermelon are a New Addition to Magic moments Flavours. This Vodka has a sweet and citrusy flavor which gives You a Summer vibe.

Remix Chocolate: For all the chocolate Loves, The Remix Chocolate is a Blend of imported vodka and delicious Chocolates. Perfect for Your Friend’s cocktail party, You can Create Your own Version of desserts and Enjoy this finest vodka.

Remix Lemon: It is a blend of lemon juice that has a fresh, lemony taste. The sour taste of the lemon mixes Nicely, which makes it a great choice for cocktails.

Lemongrass and Ginger: The Magic Moments Lemongrass and Ginger flavor has a lusty ginger aroma that tastes great. It is also my personal favorite Flavour of Magic Moments.

Cucumber and Wild Green Lemon: With the combination of crispy lemon and cucumber, this flavor Has a refreshing and cooling taste which You can enjoy in Summar Days.

Remix Raspberry: The Remix Raspberry Has a Sweet and pulpy taste that can be enjoyed combined into a variety of cocktails. This Flavour of Magic Moments is Particularly Made for the partygoers who want a refreshing drink that’s can be enjoyed with all.

Magic moments vodka

Alcohol Percentage4.8%
Country of originIndia
ManufacturerRadico Khaitan
Establishment Year1855

Summing Up

Available in Three Different Bottle Sizes, including 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml, The Magic moments offers consumers a range of options to choose from based on their individual preferences and Budget.

We Hope this Article, Answers all Your queries about Magic moments Vodka Price in Delhi. If You have any other questions regarding Magic moments Vodka, Please Feel free to share Them with us in the comment Section below.

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