OSRS Money-Making Tips and Tricks: Epic Secret for Wealth in Gielinor

OSRS Money-Making Tips and Tricks: Epic Secret for Wealth in Gielinor

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a massive online game full of opportunities to amass wealth. In the world of Gielinor, knowing the right money-making strategies can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

This blog post delves into various methods to help you build your in-game fortune.

1. Skilling for Profit

Skilling for Profit

Gathering and artisan skills in OSRS are not just for leveling up. They can be a steady source of income. Here, we explore how you can turn your skills into a profitable venture.

Gathering Skills: Fishing, Mining, and Woodcutting

Fishing, mining, and woodcutting are classic gathering skills that offer consistent profits. Fishing for high-level fish like sharks or lobsters is a solid way to earn gold. Mining valuable ores, such as runite, can yield significant returns. Similarly, cutting magic or yew logs is profitable. These activities might be repetitive, but their profits are reliable and increase with higher skill levels.

Artisan Skills: Crafting, Smithing, and Cooking

Crafting items like jewelry, leather, or glass can earn you a tidy sum. High-level smithing, especially making items like rune armor, is lucrative. Cooking might seem basic, but preparing high-level dishes or wines can be very profitable. These skills require some initial investment but can lead to substantial profits over time.

2. Playing the Grand Exchange

Playing the Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange (GE) is OSRS’s trading hub, a central marketplace where players trade items. Understanding its dynamics can turn you into a successful in-game trader. For those looking to further enhance their trading skills or find additional resources, you can find here, a platform offering a wealth of information and opportunities for OSRS gold and item trades. This external resource can be a valuable complement to your activities in the GE.

Buying Low and Selling High

The key to profiting from GE is buying items at a low price and selling them at a higher price. This requires understanding market trends and player demands. Runes, food, and materials for popular quests often fluctuate in price, providing opportunities for profit.

Flipping and Merchanting

Flipping involves buying items at a low price and quickly selling them for a higher price. Merchanting is a longer-term investment, buying large quantities of an item when prices are low and selling when the price increases. Both strategies require a good understanding of the GE market and a substantial initial capital.

3. Bossing and Slayer Tasks

Bossing and Slayer Tasks

Combat in OSRS is not only for adventure and quests but can also be a major source of income. Bossing and completing Slayer tasks are among the most profitable activities.

Bossing for Big Rewards

Defeating bosses like Zulrah, Vorkath, and the Theatre of Blood bosses can be highly profitable. These bosses drop valuable items and resources. While challenging, the potential rewards make them worth the effort. High combat skills and good equipment are necessary for success.

Slayer: Turning Monsters into Money

Slayers involve killing assigned monsters, which can be profitable, especially at higher levels. Some Slayer monsters drop rare and expensive items. It’s a fun way to make money, combining combat with a chance to score big loot.

4. Money Making for Beginners

If you’re new to OSRS or have low-level skills, there are still plenty of ways to make money. Here, we discuss beginner-friendly methods that require minimal skills or resources.

Collecting and Selling Items

Collecting items like cowhides, feathers, or various herbs can be a simple way to start earning. These items are always in demand and require no skill level to gather. Selling them in the GE can provide a steady income stream for beginners.

Basic Skilling and Quests

Engaging in basic skilling activities like fishing, mining, or woodcutting can yield profits even at lower levels. Completing certain quests can also provide items or resources that can be sold for a good price. These methods are great for players starting their OSRS journey.

5. Unconventional Money-Making Methods

Unconventional Money-Making Methods

Apart from the mainstream methods, there are several unconventional ways to make money in OSRS. These methods are less known but can be surprisingly effective.

Treasure Trails and Rare Drops

Treasure Trails, a series of clues leading to buried treasure, can be a fun and lucrative activity. They can reward you with rare and valuable items. Similarly, hunting for rare drops from lesser-known monsters can yield unique items that sell for high prices.

Minigames and Events

Participating in minigames and special events can also be profitable. Some minigames reward players with items that can be sold for a good price. Seasonal events often have unique items or resources that can be gathered and sold. These activities offer a break from the usual grind while still helping you earn gold.

6. Utilizing Farming for Profit

Farming in OSRS is often overlooked, but it’s a skill that can generate substantial income when used effectively.

Herb Runs: A Consistent Money Maker

Growing herbs like ranarr, snapdragon, or torstol can be highly profitable. Herb runs, which involve planting herbs in multiple patches across Gielinor and harvesting them later, require little time and can be done several times a day. This method provides a consistent and decent income, especially for players with higher farming levels.

Farming Rare Trees and Produce

Besides herbs, farming rare trees and special produce like giant seaweed or mushrooms can be profitable. These items have their specific uses in the game and are often in demand. While this requires a bit more effort and investment in seeds or saplings, the returns can be significantly higher than regular farming.

7. Efficient Use of Minigames and D&Ds

Efficient Use of Minigames and D&Ds

Minigames and Distractions and Diversions (D&Ds) in OSRS are not just for entertainment. They can be a source of income too.

Minigames with Monetary Rewards

Some minigames offer rewards that can be sold for a good price. For example, the ‘Barbarian Assault‘ game rewards players with items like fighter torsos or dragon claws, which are highly sought after. Similarly, ‘Pest Control’ provides valuable resources that can be exchanged for coins.


In OSRS, the path to riches is varied. Whether it’s through skilling, trading, combat, or exploring unique methods, there’s a money-making strategy for every type of player. Experiment with these methods to find what works best for you and enjoy your journey to wealth in Gielinor. Remember, patience and persistence are key to unlocking the treasures of OSRS.

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