Exclusive — What Would Urkel Do? Adulting Advice From Jaleel White
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Exclusive — What Would Urkel Do? Adulting Advice From Jaleel White


Jaleel White may be best known for his role as lovesick nerd Steve Urkel on Family Matters, but has since had to face the same fate as his fellow child stars: Adulting.

Many millennials have issues with it as well, which is why Jaleel teamed up with Enterprise to give the youth a bit of advice on transitioning to adulthood.


“When enterprise called me with this campaign, it just felt organic. I think sometimes it gets lost on people that I’m an adult who runs a household. That comes with a lot of responsibilities.”


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Check out some of his tips on health, relationships and getting off of your mother’s couch next. 


On moving out of your parents house in your 20s


You might have to do something you don’t want to do to put money in your pocket. I was lucky to be an asset for my parent since around 4 years old.


On being healthy & happy

Our health is so important, and one of the easiest ways to relieve stress and live a healthier life is to be happy. That’s why I love being an actor. I get to bring laughter and joy to people’s lives.

On embracing technology and change


I would tell the younger me to embrace the internet earlier than I did, and young people should continue to embrace technology and change in general. It’s going to happen with or without you.


On saving money while treating yourself


You don’t need to spend $5 every day by going to the barista down the street. Make a home brew and use the money you save to help pay down debt. It’s OK to reward yourself…just don’t go crazy.


On dating in a world of apps and side pieces


Just pick up the phone, man. Don’t be afraid to stop that text argument and just call. Who wants to write or read a novel’s worth of texts? You’ll also set yourself apart from most of your generation.


On phoning home


I take the time to talk to my parents as much as I can…and I hope my daughter will do the same with me when she is grown.