Did Selena Gomez Pose for Playboy’s March 2013 Cover?

Did Selena Gomez Pose for Playboy’s March 2013 Cover

Greetings, gossip enthusiasts! There’s a gossip that has been making waves in the celebrity world. The question on everyone’s lips: Did Selena Gomez, the pop sensation and former Disney star, grace the cover of Playboy’s March 2013 issue?

The rumor mill started churning when an image of Selena Gomez, seemingly posing for Playboy, began circulating on the internet. The image was provocative, to say the least, and it sent shockwaves through her fanbase. The picture was so convincing that it left many wondering if the wholesome star had taken a walk on the wild side.

Have you seen the cover making its rounds on the internet? The cover shows what looks like a topless Selena in a scandalous pose, and has rumors flying about its validity. Is this another example of a Disney starlet gone wild?

Selena Gomez Naked Playboy cover 2013

Nope! The cover is totally photoshopped, as discussed by the women on The View this morning. Selena (along with fellow Disney-grown star, Miley Cyrus) was reportedly offered $2 million for a Playboy spread, but the actress/singer does not seem interested in the offer.

The picture that had everyone talking was nothing more than a well-executed Photoshop job. The original image was from Selena’s photoshoot for the April 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan. Some crafty internet user had taken the original image and manipulated it to look like a Playboy cover.

The fake cover was so convincing that Playboy’s official Twitter account even retweeted it, adding fuel to the fire. However, they quickly clarified that the image was not an official Playboy cover. The tweet from Playboy read, “Selena Gomez’s fans need to calm down. The photo is not real.”

This incident serves as a reminder of the power of the internet and how quickly false information can spread. It also highlights the importance of verifying information before believing it. In the age of social media, it’s easy for rumors to spread like wildfire, and it’s our responsibility as consumers of information to fact-check before we share.

Although she didn’t pose for Playboy, she did pose nude for her album.


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Selena is starring in the scandalous new film, Spring Breakers (along with another Disney diva, Vanessa Hudgens, and Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson). The movie, a gritty take on self-indulgent and out-of-control youth culture, has everyone talking about the transition in image for its young stars, many of whom gained fame with conservative, squeaky clean personas.

So, it looks like the “Disney Girl Gone Wild” narrative doesn’t apply to Selena in real life. We have to admit, we’re glad it’s not actually her. It’s nice to see the young superstar considering her young fanbase while still taking chances and coming into her own. She even told The Hollywood Reporter that she is worried about her younger fans sneaking into see the R-rated Breakers.

“Honestly, it’s been a weird transition,” Selena told The Hollywood Reporter. “You never really know what’s right or wrong and you can only do the best you can.” Well said, Selena!

Next time you come across a shocking celebrity rumor, remember to take it with a grain of salt. Not everything you see on the internet is true, and it’s always best to verify before you believe. Stay tuned for more celebrity gossip and remember, the truth is often stranger than fiction!

That’s all for now, gossip lovers. Keep your eyes peeled for more juicy celebrity news and remember, in the world of celebrity gossip, nothing is as it seems. Until next time, keep the gossip flowing!

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