Game of Thrones Spoiler: Who Killed Joffrey?

Who Killed King Joffrey in GOT

In the realm of Westeros, where power is the ultimate game, and the throne is the ultimate prize, one character’s demise stood out among the rest – the death of King Joffrey Baratheon. The young, cruel, and despised king met his end in the most unexpected way, leaving viewers in shock and intrigue. So, who was behind the death of King Joffrey? Let’s delve into the details.

Joffrey Baratheon, portrayed by Jack Gleeson, was a character that viewers loved to hate. His reign was marked by cruelty, arrogance, and a complete lack of empathy. His death, therefore, was a moment of catharsis for many viewers, who had been waiting for his comeuppance since his first cruel act. The scene of his death, known as the “Purple Wedding,” is one of the most memorable in the entire series.

On Game of Thrones, Joffrey was poisoned and died at his own wedding. Tyrion was arrested for the murder, but was he actually the perpetrator? Tonight during Episode 4, “Oathkeeper,” it was finally revealed who’s really guilty of regicide.

The question on everyone’s lips was – who killed King Joffrey?

As most viewers have already come to believe, Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey — it was a setup. The real killers were Olenna Tyrell and Littlefinger. You didn’t forget about Littlefinger, did you?

Lady Olenna, the matriarch of House Tyrell, had a vested interest in Joffrey’s death. Her granddaughter, Margaery, was married to Joffrey, and Olenna knew that her beloved granddaughter’s life would be in constant danger with Joffrey as her husband. So, she conspired with Littlefinger, who procured a deadly poison known as “The Strangler.” The poison was smuggled into the wedding feast in Sansa Stark’s necklace, unknowingly worn by her, and then slipped into Joffrey’s wine goblet by Olenna herself.

Joffrey’s murder was an elaborate plan that began in the Season 4 premiere, when Ser Dontos reappears to give Sansa a necklace. Unbeknownst to Sansa, one of the jewels on the necklace is actually a vial of poison. The only person who knew is Olenna Tyrell.

During the wedding, Olenna approaches Sansa to apologize for the death of her family at the Red Wedding. During the scene, Olenna fondles Sansa’s necklace and discreetly palms one of the jewels, and in the next scene the jewel is missing from Sansa’s necklace. It’s subtle, but it’s definitely there (or, rather, not there).

Olenna even foreshadows what she’s about to do, saying, “Killing a man at a wedding… horrid. What kind of monster would do something like that?” She’s a sly old bird.

Then, while Joffrey is choking, Ser Dontos approaches Sansa and tells her to come with him if she wants to live, knowing that her necklace could implicate her. Dontos takes Sansa to a boat, where Littlefinger is waiting for her.

He explains to her that he hired Dontos to give her the necklace with the poison, which was then taken by Olenna to poison Joffrey. Littlefinger then kills Dontos in order to tie up loose ends before heading off to the Vale with Sansa.

purple wedding game of thrones - What was the motive

What was the motive? Well, Olenna wanted to be rid of Joffrey because he’s awful, and would have abused her granddaughter. It probably also helps that Tommen is young and more impressionable. But why did Littlefinger set it up?

Well, because he’s Littlefinger, and who knows why Littlefinger does anything? He does tell Sansa that Joffrey was too unpredictable a friend to have around, so he must feel the Tyrells are a bit more reliable.


Who killed Joffrey?

The real culprits behind Joffrey’s death were Olenna Tyrell and Littlefinger.

Why did Olenna Tyrell want Joffrey dead?

Olenna Tyrell wanted Joffrey dead to protect her granddaughter, Margaery, who was married to Joffrey. She feared that Margaery’s life would be in constant danger with Joffrey as her husband.

Why did Littlefinger want joffrey dead

Littlefinger found Joffrey to be too unpredictable and volatile. Joffrey’s impulsive and cruel nature made him a risky ally. By eliminating Joffrey, Littlefinger removed a potential threat to his own plans and ambitions. He saw an opportunity to strengthen his alliance with the Tyrells.

Littlefinger thrives on chaos, which he sees as a ladder for his own advancement. The death of King Joffrey created a power vacuum and a state of turmoil in which Littlefinger could maneuver and exploit for his own gain.

What was the impact of Joffrey’s death on the series?

Joffrey’s death was a pivotal moment in the series, setting off a chain of events that changed the course of Westeros’s history.

What happened to Ser Dontos after Joffrey’s murder?

After Joffrey’s murder, Littlefinger killed Ser Dontos to tie up loose ends before escaping to the Vale with Sansa.

What was the significance of the “Purple Wedding”?

The “Purple Wedding” is one of the most memorable events in the series. It is where Joffrey was poisoned and died, setting off a chain of events in the series.


The death of Joffrey was a pivotal moment in the series, setting off a chain of events that would change the course of Westeros’s history. It’s a testament to the show’s ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, always guessing, always surprised.

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